I’m Daniel Roversi: a Father, Content Producer, Online Radio Dj, a product of the prosumer era.

My role as agency producer transcends the traditional duties of a producer.

Today, my performance encompasses three aspects of the business:

1- Serve clients by managing their digital and broadcast content production needs.

2- Generate income to the agency by building a strong digital video production and post-production studios capable of providing clients with fast paced, cost efficient solutions, as well as reducing out of pocket cost when pitching new businesses.

3- More importantly: play an active role in the creative and business development teams by providing my tactic, creative and executional skills to the table.

My experience includes, radio and tv programming, music videos, feature films, radio, tv spots, websites, banner production, event production, and social media pages and contests.

I hosted my online radio show for the last 2 years which aired biweekly @ VIVA RADIO and I'm currently working a fine arts photography project: a book about the mythology of Wrestling in Mexico, Japan and USA.

I love our industry, connecting with people, being a team player, enjoying my family, pets and friends, collecting movies and Brazilian music is an addiction and taking pictures a great hobby, I also love nYc…..

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